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Our Story

Nicole & David Landgrebe are the owner s of Falls rest in Wentowrth Falls Blue Mountains

Hello and welcome, here is a snippet of a little bit about us, this is our story of how we became the owners of a gorgeous log home in the World Heritage Blue Mountains. It started with a kiss, no really it did, we met on the internet when internet dating was nice and easy and before it was all about swiping left and right! RSVP you rock! David was the one where my kiss landed and stayed, we blended our family of four children and the rest they say is history. We had been visiting the Blue Mountains for many years as a couple and in 2019 we bought a run down log home in Wentworth Falls which we slowly renovated making it our forever home. Our next step was building Falls Rest, a small romantic cosy cabin at the back of our log home. We were owner builders which means David and I built the cabin from the ground up, it took us nine months of working 7 days and we couldn't be happier with the results. If you follow our Instagram you can see where it all started and how we managed to build our little dream cabin in the mountains. We are both avid artists and are so lucky that we are now able to make the time to create. I'm a photographer & painter and David is an oil painter, you can see many of our works in Falls Rest. Below is a link to our website. We love sharing Falls Rest with all of our fantastic guests, family and friends and look forward to hosting you if you are thinking of a stay with us.

Nicole & David

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